Quectel EG915-N-EU – Atlantik Elektronik GmbH networks urban living spaces


With the new Quectec WG915-N-EU technology, Atlantik Elektronik GmbH has developed an interesting and promising LPWA solution for the M2M sector as well as for IoT platforms. For a better understanding, these terms should be described in a little more detail. The abbreviation LWPA stands for Low Power Wide Area. In German, it would be called Low Power Wide Area. It is about large-scale networking of various sensors and other devices.

The abbreviation M2M stands for Machine to Machine. It is about direct data transmission between individual machines and devices. In a networked world, these new technologies play an important role. This also includes the IoT, which is referred to as the Internet of Things. In simplified terms, this also involves the networking of machines and devices of various kinds.

What is the Quectel EG915-N-EU used for?

This chip is particularly efficient and powerful. Thanks to the high data transmission rate of up to 10 Mbit/s in download and 5 Mbit/s in upload, large amounts of data can be transmitted with the Quctel EG915-N-EU.

This is a huge advantage in many areas of public life as well as in industry. Um eine hohe Effizienz zu erzielen, müssen zumeist riesige Datenmengen erfasst und ausgewertet werden. This is only possible if the appropriate technology is available.

High compatibility with other modules

A special feature is that the Quectel EG915-N-EU is compatible with all other modules of the 9 series.

This includes the following modules:

  • Quectel GSM/GPRS 95
  • LTE Cat NB2 BC95-G
  • LTE Cat M1/Cat NB2/EGPRS BG95
  • LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS BG96
  • LTE Cat 1 EG91
  • LTE Cat 4 EG95

As can already be seen from this list, the Quectel EG915-N-EU can be used with modules from the 2G generation through to the modern LTE modules of 4G technology. It therefore supports almost all data transmission modules that are currently in use.

This modern module can therefore be combined and used with almost all systems. Data can therefore be transmitted between machines, computers and mobile devices. That’s something special.

There are also special drivers for different Windows systems, Linux or Android. Therefore it doesn’t matter which operating system the Quectel EG915-N-EU is controlled with. Drivers for USB ports are also available.

Compact and powerful module for many uses

With the compact dimensions of 23.6 x 19.9 x 2.4 millimeters, this module can be used in many ways. Of course, it is also suitable for outdoor use because it can withstand temperatures from -35 degrees Celsius to +75 degrees Celsius.

The possible uses are diverse. From the control of machines to functions in the field of artificial intelligence to the regulation of public traffic control systems. It is also used to manage resources or to distribute energy reserves.

Therefore, the Quectel EG519-N-EU is also very often used by city administrations. They appreciate the high level of compatibility and performance. The same also applies to companies where there are different communication standards. This module allows older machines to easily communicate with modern machines.

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