ASPION L-Track: Worldwide live transport monitoring now possible


Aspion is introducing its new tracking data logger at various logistics trade shows. The Aspion L-Track will be on display at LogiMAT and transport logistic 2023, among others.

Tracking via Aspion L-Track: Unique IoT device for 360-degree tracking

Soon enough, the new Aspion L-Track will be presented at logistics trade fairs in Germany. With it, Aspion is ushering in a new era in tracking. The end-to-end solution will be seen and experienced for the first time at LogiMAT as well as transport logistic 2023. The unique device with IoT and sensor platform is said to enable worldwide tracking of valuable and sensitive machinery.

In doing so, monitoring is not only possible for a short period of time, but even for years. Through the IoT platform, customers can have full access to the location of the goods in question around the clock. Through the integrated alarm function, unusual occurrences are reported directly.

Aspion stands for high quality “Made in Germany” and is once again strengthened in its position as a data logger specialist. The portfolio is once again extended by the Aspion L-Track and thus the new system enables an even more secure supply chain. The preview of the new system will be available at the two logistics trade fairs mentioned above.

Full transparency in real time

Machine and plant manufacturers benefit particularly from the new Aspion L-Track. When shock-sensitive machinery and equipment of high value are to be transported, live monitoring with constant traceability of the location is important. With the new data logger, it is even possible to obtain detailed shock detection over the course of milliseconds. In accordance with the applicable European transport standard, tests are also performed on shock and vibration.

This in turn enables the reliable detection of shocks and falls that can have a damaging effect. Hazards can be detected as soon as they occur, so that immediate action can be taken. Other data such as temperature, humidity and other environmental influences are also included. Geo-coordinates are also included. This gives users a complete overview of their products, regardless of their location on the globe. The customer can react directly to specific events and is able to initiate the necessary measures to prevent further damage.

Multiple components enable 360-degree tracking

The integrated end-to-end solution relies on the combination of various influencing factors and the monitoring of diverse components to enable 360-degree tracking. The LTE-M standard and a 2G fallback solution are used for this purpose. Both together result in an efficient and secure transmission of the respective data in real time. The IoT connectivity via mobile radio is given, and the tracking is cellular in each case.

Thanks to GPS, the information can be provided with meter accuracy, enabling seamless and transparent tracking of all events. The new device weighs just 250 g and is equipped with replaceable standard batteries. It thus allows flexible use, is air freight compatible and can be individually attached due to its size, which is comparable to an eyeglass case.

Access to the device via the platform is password protected. Once logged in, location and sensor data is displayed, and the device can also be subjected to individual settings. Alerts and simple user management are a given.

About Aspion

Aspion GmbH has set itself the goal of developing smart data loggers for the continuation of Industry 4.0. The company was founded in 2011 by Michael Wöhr, with the stated corporate goal being to provide precision sensor technology. Shock indicators are to be simplified and made suitable for mass production. Today, the successful company offers, among other things, the Aspion G-Log 2 and thus an intelligent data logger, which is once again supplemented and expanded by the new L-Track. The company relies on quality “Made in Germany” and thus on a seal of quality that is now trusted by more than 500 customers worldwide.

Further information is available via the company's contact:

Aspion GmbH
Old circle road 40
76149 Karlsruhe

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