CeriTech: IoT in coffee production


Startup CeriTech Indonesia has developed a sensor cloud system to help coffee producers refine their crops. The IoT solution is designed to help better monitor environmental factors and processing operations.

CeriTech IoT: automated coffee quality control

CeriTech’s IoT hardware and software solution enables coffee producers to more accurately analyze the stages of drying and fermentation. For example, CeriTech’s IoT allows important values to be recorded during the drying phase. In addition to light irradiation, humidity and general temperature, the insertion of sensors into the crop also allows the condition of the fruit to be recorded.

Independent adaptation to environmental factors

The analyzer networks with existing equipment on site to implement the quality expectations of the producers. This can be heaters and fans as well as exhaust air systems. Every available technology is turned on or off to meet the production parameters set via the app. Important values in the fermentation phase, such as the pH value and ambient temperature, are also recorded in real time and reported to the client in the event of deviations.

Crop size determines the price

In a first step, the project was tested at 10 coffee refiners in Java and Aceh. Now, in the next phase, the company aims to take CeriTech IoT into the black by selling to new customers. However, it is pursuing a hybrid strategy. The amount of the estimated prices for the apps and end devices is measured according to the respective size of the harvested crop.

The larger the company and the larger its harvest, the higher the price. Smaller and medium-sized providers, on the other hand, may continue to use the technology for free, provided they commit to selling their products via CeriTech’s own platform. Thus, there is no compulsion to purchase or subscribe. Rather, the developers see themselves as supporters of domestic producers.

CeriTech: further projects in planning

After the successful domestic and global launch of the previous solutions, further projects are already on the agenda. For example, a B2B trading platform for green coffee is to be presented this year. And in the following year, the development of a roast profiling software is on the agenda. This quality control tool will be integrated as a further element in the existing CeriTech structure, ultimately enabling automated control of every part of the production and supply chain.

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