Waldbike partners with IoT Venture to offer digital theft protection for E-Bikes


Waldbike, a start-up from the Black Forest region in Germany, specializes in the production and distribution of E-Bikes. To enhance their product offerings, the company has partnered with IoT Venture to incorporate a digital theft protection system. By integrating GPS trackers from IT’S MY BIKE, a brand by IoT Venture, into their E-Bikes during the manufacturing process, Waldbike enables customers to connect their bikes to the internet and locate them if stolen. Additionally, customers can analyze their riding data and benefit from discounted insurance packages through IoT Venture’s White-Label-App.

Waldbike prioritizes sustainable production and offers smart theft protection

Waldbike, a manufacturer of E-Bikes located in Calw, Germany, places a strong emphasis on sustainable production. Their range of bicycle models, including City-Bikes, Fullys, and SUV-E-Bikes, all come equipped with a smart theft protection solution. Jan Jochens, the CEO of Waldbike, aims to inspire customers to view mobility from a different perspective and embrace their environmentally friendly and well-designed products.

Expansion of Partnership between IoT Venture and Waldbike Planned

The collaboration between IoT Venture and Waldbike is set to be expanded further. Future models of Waldbike will come equipped with IoT Venture’s theft protection solution, straight from the factory, and will be virtually connected. Moreover, there are plans to implement a CAN extension, which will enable measures in the field of predictive maintenance. This will allow for quicker detection and prevention of repairs and defects on the e-bikes. The partnership between IoT Venture and Waldbike aims to advance smart mobility and enhance the overall customer experience.

By implementing a CAN expansion, IoT Venture and Waldbike aim to enhance their partnership and enable predictive maintenance measures. This will allow for faster detection and prevention of repairs and defects on the E-Bikes. Jonas Warmbrunn, Business Development Manager at IoT Venture, expresses his excitement about the collaboration, stating that they are thrilled to have gained a great partner in Waldbike to further advance smart mobility. This partnership demonstrates their commitment to innovation and improving the overall customer experience.

Waldbike: Combining Quality Components and Sustainability in E-Bike Production

Waldbike, a manufacturer based in the Black Forest, is known for its high-quality components and commitment to sustainability. In line with their philosophy of promoting environmental consciousness, the company plants a tree for every bike they produce. This dedication to the environment is a core part of Waldbike’s identity, and they strive to incorporate local components and collaborations to minimize transportation distances and support local businesses.

Waldbike is committed to using local components and collaborations to minimize transportation distances and support the German medium-sized enterprises. Their extensive range of models caters to the needs of the entire family and various usage scenarios, from the Carbon Fully for off-road cycling to the City SUV for daily commuting, and even the Youth E-Bike. Additionally, Waldbike offers the option of acquiring bicycles through corporate leasing. To further enhance customer satisfaction, they also provide an open service workshop in Calw.

The collaboration between IoT Venture and Waldbike introduces an innovative solution for E-bike theft protection. By incorporating GPS trackers and connecting to the internet, stolen bikes can be located and recovered. Customers can also benefit from the White-Label app developed by IoT Venture, which allows for the analysis of travel data and the option to obtain discounted insurance packages. With Waldbike’s commitment to sustainable production and the high quality of their E-bikes, combined with IoT Venture’s theft protection system, customers can enjoy a comprehensive and future-oriented solution for their mobility needs.

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