Zenner showcases LoRaWAN(R) solutions for Smart Utility and Smart Industry at Hannover Messe 2024


The Hannover Messe (HM), starting on April 22nd, is globally recognized as one of the most important industrial trade fairs. Zenner, showcasing at the LoRa Alliance joint stand, presents solutions for Smart Utility and Smart Industry, as well as use cases for service providers in the areas ranging from Smart Submetering to Smart City. The company’s main focus lies in introducing its own LoRaWAN(R) network, which is considered one of the largest in Europe.

Zenner: Active Member and Sponsor of LoRa Alliance

Zenner is an active member and sponsor of the LoRa Alliance, a global association and collaboration of companies aiming to develop and promote the open LoRaWAN(R) standard. LoRaWAN(R) is a widely adopted communication protocol designed specifically for IoT applications. This technology stands out for its long-range capabilities, ability to penetrate buildings, and low energy consumption.

Zenner showcases industrial IoT use cases at LoRa Alliance booth

Zenner, in collaboration with other members of the LoRa Alliance, showcases industrial IoT use cases and their implementation in one of the largest LoRaWAN(R) networks in Europe. This demonstrates their commitment to promoting and advancing the capabilities of LoRaWAN(R) technology in various industries.

Zenner’s extensive LoRaWAN(R) network, spanning 15 countries and boasting over 100,000 gateways and seven million sensors, enables the company to provide customers with a wide range of meters, sensors, and gateways. Supported by Zenner’s team of experienced professionals, the company excels in implementing solutions and practical use cases for various sectors, including Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Utility, Smart Industry, and Smart Submetering. This vast network and expertise position Zenner as a leader in the industry.

Zenner’s Sustainable IoT Solutions: Easy Implementation and Scalability in Existing LoRaWAN(R) Networks

Zenner provides sustainable IoT solutions for practical use that can be implemented with minimal effort. Existing solutions can be quickly and economically scaled or new IoT solutions can be easily integrated into an existing LoRaWAN(R) network with the appropriate gateways. In collaboration with partners in the Minol-Zenner group, the company offers comprehensive digital solutions for cross-sectoral digitalization of the energy transition. The use of LoRaWAN(R) enables the development of new solutions and further expansion of the technology’s deployment.

Monitoring industrial assets with LoRaWAN(R) enables reliable machine surveillance

Industrial facilities monitoring with LoRaWAN(R) is a prime example of a Smart Industry solution. Ensuring the reliable supervision of machines and equipment is crucial for utility companies, energy providers, and manufacturing businesses. In particular, non-connected legacy systems often lack transparency in energy consumption, making machine failures unpredictable and maintenance inflexible. By integrating IoT sensors and LoRaWAN(R), an adaptive retrofitting of existing facilities can be achieved, enabling comprehensive energy consumption monitoring. This retrofitting process is simplified and non-invasive with plug-and-play sensor technology. All relevant data is centrally collected and transmitted to the element IoT platform via LoRaWAN(R), facilitating predictive machine maintenance.

Zenner showcases latest IoT solutions at Hannover Messe, highlighting LoRaWAN(R) technology

At the Hannover Messe, Zenner’s team will showcase a range of cutting-edge IoT solutions for industry, energy, smart cities, and utilities. The main objective is to highlight LoRaWAN(R) as a sustainable technology applicable to various industries and demonstrate its strengths through practical use cases.

Explore the versatile applications of LoRaWAN(R) technology and Zenner’s digital solutions by visiting Zenner at the Hannover Messe 2024. Located at the LoRa Alliance’s joint booth in Hall 14, Stand H06, Zenner offers a wide range of solutions for Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Utility, Smart Industry, and Smart Submetering. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how Zenner’s expertise and one of Europe’s largest LoRaWAN(R) networks can support your digital transformation journey.

Boris Stöckermann will be giving a presentation at the Hannover Messe on the topic of “Translating Urban Insights: Leveraging IIoT Solutions from Utilities, Urban Infrastructure, and Buildings.” This presentation will be open to all interested parties and will provide valuable insights into how IIoT solutions can be applied to various sectors such as utilities, urban infrastructure, and buildings. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements and best practices in leveraging IIoT technologies for improved efficiency and sustainability in urban environments. Don’t miss out on this informative session at the Hannover Messe.

Zenner’s Participation at Hannover Messe Offers Benefits for Businesses and Utilities

Zenner’s participation in the Hannover Messe and the showcasing of their own LoRaWAN(R) network offer numerous advantages for businesses and utilities. With one of the largest LoRaWAN(R) networks in Europe and a wide range of sensors and gateways, Zenner can provide their customers with a diverse portfolio of solutions and use cases for Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Utility, Smart Industry, and Smart Submetering. The company’s extensive expertise supports the implementation of solutions and enables cross-sector digitalization of the energy transition.

By leveraging the power of LoRaWAN(R), existing solutions can be easily scaled and new IoT solutions seamlessly integrated. An excellent example of this is the monitoring of industrial equipment, which enables reliable surveillance and predictive maintenance. At the Hannover Messe, Zenner showcases a wide range of practical IoT solutions, highlighting the strengths of LoRaWAN(R) as a sustainable technology applicable across all industries.

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