LogiMAT 2024: Autopicker Robot Revolutionizes Order Processing in Warehouses


The LogiMAT 2024, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for intralogistics solutions and process management, showcased three outstanding innovations that impressed the jury of scientists and journalists. These products offer significant advantages in terms of enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and streamlining logistics processes. Recognized with the prestigious “BEST PRODUCT” award, these innovations represent the cutting edge of technological advancements in the industry, promising to revolutionize the way logistics operations are carried out.

LogiMAT 2024 showcases award-winning innovations in logistics technology

The LogiMAT 2024 showcased three outstanding innovations that were recognized with the esteemed “BEST PRODUCT” award. These innovations included a pick robot that revolutionizes order fulfillment in warehouse aisles, a packaging machine that produces customized cartons and envelopes, and an AI voice control system for warehouse management. Each of these products offers significant advantages in terms of productivity enhancement, cost savings, and streamlining logistics processes. The LogiMAT continues to be a global hub for showcasing cutting-edge innovations in the logistics industry.

Innovative Autopicker revolutionizes order processing in warehouse logistics

The Brightpick Autopicker, developed by the Slovakian company Brightpick. Photoneo s.r.o., has been awarded in the category of “Order picking, conveying, lifting, and storage technology.” This innovative robot revolutionizes order fulfillment in warehouse aisles by directly picking and consolidating orders. It has the capability to handle a wide range of products, from food and pharmaceuticals to electronics and clothing. With its patented design and ability to retrieve storage containers from shelves and place individual items into order containers, the Autopicker offers fast and efficient order picking. Unlike other fulfillment robots, it does not need to travel to centralized picking stations, resulting in a higher throughput rate. The Autopicker can also handle heavy or difficult-to-pick items, providing versatile applications in logistics.

CMC CartonWrap DUO: Revolutionary Packaging Machine for Customized Shipping

The CMC CartonWrap DUO machine, developed by Italian company CMC Packaging Automation S.p.A, received the award in the category of “Identification, Packaging and Loading Technology, Load Securing” at the LogiMAT 2024. This machine is the first of its kind on the market that can produce custom-sized boxes and envelopes based on the dimensions of the items to be packed. This innovative concept leads to a significant reduction in packaging volume, cardboard waste, and CO2 emissions during transportation. By reducing the consumption of corrugated cardboard by up to 50% compared to traditional technologies and requiring up to 70% less adhesive, this machine combines sustainability and efficiency. Additionally, the customized packaging offers enhanced security during transport and improves the customer experience. With the help of Packvertizing, the personalized packaging can be attractively printed and produced in various colors.

Logistics Reply GmbH receives award for groundbreaking AI language control for Warehouse Management Systems

Logistics Reply GmbH, a German company, has been recognized for their groundbreaking bidirectional Open AI voice control for warehouse management systems, LEApedia. This innovative chatbot application allows users to issue commands and ask questions in natural language. Integrated into the cloud-native SaaS-WMS solution LEA ReplyTM, LEApedia enhances system navigation with its intelligent search function. Employees can instantly access information on processes, terminology, and system configurations, saving time and minimizing human errors. The program responds in natural language, making it understandable to users regardless of their qualifications or language proficiency. This results in more efficient workflows and overall higher productivity.

The winners of the prestigious “BEST PRODUCT” award at LogiMAT 2024 offer outstanding innovations that significantly contribute to increased productivity, cost savings, and streamlining in logistics. The Brightpick Autopicker revolutionizes order processing in warehouse aisles and enables efficient picking. The CMC CartonWrap DUO significantly reduces packaging volume and CO2 emissions during transportation by producing custom-fit cartons and envelopes. The AI voice control LEApedia simplifies working with Warehouse Management Systems, providing users with a user-friendly and efficient way to access processes and information. These innovative achievements at LogiMAT 2024 exemplify the numerous international exhibitors who showcase their innovations to the industry audience. LogiMAT remains an international hotspot for logistics industry innovations.

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