Vodafone Automotive: real-time tracking of car thieves


The car manufacturer Volvo has entered into a cooperation with the mobile communications provider Vodafone. The aim of the alliance is to implement Connected Car Trackers, a Vodafone Automotive development, in as many vehicles as possible. With this solution, car thieves can be located in real time.

Car theft: an eternal nuisance

Anyone who has ever had their car stolen rarely has any illusions that they will ever see it again in a timely manner, if at all. The thieves’ networks are too widespread and divide up their work – and not just nowadays. In most cases, cars that are stolen from one location are quickly moved to other locations, often hundreds of kilometers away. There they are either transformed or completely cannibalized. Even subsequent police pursuits are usually doomed to failure. They often have to comply with lengthy administrative regulations. While their opponents are often not even aware of them.

IoT tracker: police helper

Vodafone and Volvo have now developed a solution that has the potential to keep up with the speed of criminal groups. The Connected Car Tracker is designed to provide practical assistance to owners and investigating authorities. Users of the application can personalize their car by inserting their ID card inside the vehicle to such an extent that any use other than their specifically authorized one is immediately considered an attempted theft.

Real-time warnings in the event of non-authorization.

This applies to unauthorized entry, activation of the ignition, illegal towing attempts and tampering with the electrical system, as well as if someone tampers with the outside of the car body. This Internet of Things (IoT) tracker is capable of locating illegally removed vehicles to within ten meters. The new location, as well as its movement history, is recorded using sensors and GPS and output to smartphone applications in real time. Of course, the tracking device can be temporarily switched off in the event of authorized access by third parties, for example during inspections or workshop visits.

Volvo: Conquering America with electric cars?

Despite the tense and in many places even declining developments in vehicle sales, the Swedish automotive group was able to record a notable increase of eight percent last year. Although almost half of the sales generated were in the Eu, the company’s main focus was nevertheless on the American market. Among other things, Volvo expected to gain a significant share of the booming U.S. market through a three-billion-dollar cooperation with the battery manufacturer Northvolt and an associated campaign for electromobiles.

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